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cx888 Nov 8 '18
Lost in the brilliance of Steven Taylors thumping century and another five-wicket haul for Timil Patel in USAs eight-wicket win over Oman was a performance that might not have been as statistically impressive but no doubt had an inspirational impact on the hosts. Cheap Air Max Trainers . Its not often that a player is picked to make his debut when practically half-fit, especially when the injury in question is a hamstring strain for a fast bowler.But Ali Khans skills with the new ball are rated so highly by USA coach Pubudu Dassanayake that it was deemed worth a gamble to pick him for the first time. It paid off handsomely. Khan took the big scalp of Zeeshan Maqsood in the first over, then claimed one more to finish with 2 for 27 in six overs. Dassanayake told ESPNcricinfo after the win that USA knew going into the game that Khan would only be able to bowl one spell, but it was worth the risk in USAs biggest match of WCL Division Four and the win put USA in the drivers seat for a promotion spot.It was a tough decision for us because Jessy [Singh] was really performing well and all our fast bowlers are doing well but when you compare Ali, Ali is in a different level, Dassanayake said. He has that pace, he has that swing; especially against left-handers he bowls very well. The last two games we didnt pick up enough wickets early and so we were looking for that.Once he said that even with a shortened run-up he can come and bowl, we were okay for that because the swing that he has normally with the new ball definitely is going to bring wickets. We are not even worrying about him to bowl a second spell. Its just about the six or seven overs with the new ball and get a couple of early wickets so were gonna keep doing that.Dassanayake says what cemented his call to play Khan was his performance in a training session in the lead-up to the game where he continuously troubled USAs opening combo of Fahad Babar and Steven Taylor. Despite bowling off a shortened run-up and not at full pace, his swing was a valuable commodity that made him a must have in the line-up.We had one practice session just before the tournament where Steven was batting early in that session and Ali came and bowled some brilliant balls for the left-hander, Dassanayake said. So thats the time we thought he can do the job even with a short run-up. Doctors and the physios are working behind the scenes to get him in whatever best fit.I think he is one of the most valuable players that we have. I have to be careful that we dont hurt him for the future but weve just got to manage to get through this tournament with him if hes willing to take that pain and play the next few games.It wasnt just Khans bowling that uplifted the team. After his six overs, he remained on the field for the entire innings rather than coming off. Though he dropped two catches, he is regarded as one of USAs better fielders. Khan said after the game that he wanted to show his USA team-mates that he had their back in the field after they supported him coming into the XI and that he wasnt going to slump off the field after bowling his spell.Dassanayake says Khan is continuously being monitored but at the moment his hamstring injury hasnt become any worse. The plan is for Khan to play against Denmark because if USA wins it will clinch their promotion into Division Three, allowing him to sit out the last two games. Dassanayake, though, doesnt want to push Khan too hard and risk injuring him more severely and hurt his chances in the future, particularly since he is contracted with Guyana Amazon Warriors in the CPL as well.I think we still need one more win and I know that Denmark also has left-handers in the top of the order, Dassanayake said. Those are kind of gambles. I think we are playing with his fitness. We dont want to hurt him too much but then still we need to manage and also he is a very strong character.He wants to perform for the team. He knows how important his role is for the team so I think overall everybody is putting in that effort and Im very happy how things are moving. Cheap Wholesale Air Max Shoes .5 million, one-year contract on Friday. Hawkins, who turns 41 in December, will compete with Rex Brothers for the closers role at spring training. Nike Air Max Cheap Sale . -- Three close looks at the bucket, three misses. . Cote was eligible to become a free agent Feb. 15. Cote helped running back Jon Cornish run for a league-high 1,813 rushing yards en route to being named the leagues most outstanding player. Delhi --Francis Cheka knows how to play a villain. The challenger to Vijender Singhs Asia Pacific super middleweight title defence on Saturday, Cheka came in late to Tuesday press conference.He swaggered in wearing a brand new grey suit bought on Vijenders dime, after his own suitcase had been misplaced on the way over from Tanzania. Speaking through a translator, he sneered at Vijenders lack of experience and dismissed his Olympic bronze.The lion of Africa,saw fear he said in Vijenders eyes. In case those watching were feeling left out, Cheka cheekily promised to invite them to the party he would throw after beating Vijender.When the two boxers posed in a faceoff, the man with scars crisscrossing his eye line and a caved-in nose - evidence of half a life spent fighting - stuck his left palm with fingers stretched out in Vijenders face.Pick a number. Thats how many rounds Im going to knock you out in, he growled. He then proceeded to shove him, kicking off a minor scuffle. It might have been scripted, but it made for good video. With 5000 tickets to sell for Saturdays main event, all the animosity, feigned or otherwise, needed to be generated.It was assumed that Cheka was continuing in the same vein later in the day when he asked for a bottle of packaged water , drank it and then crushed the plastic container. Surely this was a metaphor for what he wanted to do to the Indian?As it turns out, Cheka was simply explaining his side job. While boxing is Chekas claim to fame, he also runs a plastic recycling business back home in Morogoro.Before he earned paychecks throwing punches, Cheka lived a hardscrabble existence picking up and selling plastic bottles.My father and mother separated when I was very young. I lived with my father but there wasnt a lot of money. So I would pick up plastic bottles on the road and then sell them to the plastic recyclers, he says through translator and manager Jay Msangi.Cheka got his break in life when as a seventeen-year-old, he decided to try boxing. I was just trying to do something to keep my mind occupied, he says. Despite not having a lot of technique, Cheka developed a reputation as someone who could get into slug-fests in the ring.He has fought 43 times, including once in Russia against Fedor Chudinov - who held the WBA super middleweight title. Cheap Nike Air Max Outlet. Cheka has had his share of success too with 17 of his 32 wins coming by way of knockout. He currently holds the WBF super middleweight belt and according to his manager, is a household name in Tanzania.Francis Cheka is Tanzanian boxing. After he won the WBF title, he was invited to parliament and was asked to speak to the members there, Msangi says.Despite the adulation in his home, Cheka knows how fickle the sport can be. Which is why with his winnings over the years, he set up a plastic recycling unit in Morogoro.When I was a kid I would sell the plastic bottles to dealers. Even after I started boxing I would do this because there wasnt any money when I started out. But when I started making money, I started investing it in machinery because I understand this business, he says. His purse from the fight with Vijender will go into the business as well.Msangi says Cheka has done well for himself. He was gifted land and a house by the government for winning the WBF title, but Francis has built three homes for himself from the recycling business, he says.Indeed, while Cheka says he will support his four young children - Astoria, 10, Addis 7, Boniface,5, and Azenka 2 - if they want to box, he says they will first have to join him on the shop floor.Through the plastic business, Cheka had an Indian connection even though he had never been to India before this week. I know a lot of Indian businessmen in Tanzania. They buy the recycled plastic from me and then export it to India, he says. The plastic from this bottle probably came from my plant, he jokes while picking up one of the water bottles.Cheka says his clients knew he was a boxer but were surprised to know he would be coming to India. When I told them that I was going to go to India and fight the pride of their country they got a huge surprise.And if Vijender does find himself in trouble on Saturday, Cheka explains those Indian businessmen will have to share the blame. They have beaten me up a lot of times doing business. So I guess its time for me to return the favour to their hero. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys Canada Cheap Nike MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Nike NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap Football Jerseys Store Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Jerseys NCAA China Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys ' ' '